Union Street

S. London, UK

The Client’s ambitious plan was to unite four under-used sites, which until now have acted as a barrier to the continued regeneration of the area. This unique urban transformation project set about to provide a mix of residential, commercial and retail spaces. In recent times the area has attracted substantial interest and footfall because of its proximity to Tate Modern.


Our brief was to provide a coherent materials palette that informed the design of a sequence of spaces and interludes along Union Street. Green walls, created by the use of vertical mesh, under-planted by climbers, are located on parts of the railway arches and buildings. The emphasis was on the use of quality materials such as granite, timber and iron, which reflect the history of the area.



  • Conservation area


Client: Union Street Ltd / AZ Urban Studio

Architect: AHMM Architects & Glenn Howells Architects

Coe Design