The Earth Centre

Yorkshire, UK

Our conceptual design and site planning for the early fund-raising stages of the now defunct Earth Centre, near Doncaster in Yorkshire. Coe Design proposed a series of enclosed and semi-enclosed garden spaces celebrating the themes of diversity, sustainability and ecology. The fragile nature of the former mining area suggested simple interventions of walled spaces in a rehabilitated ecology rich environment. The gardens were designed to suggest the abstraction of a utilitarian pastoral landscape, echoing and drawing inspiration from the former sheep pens and dry stone walls of a pre-industrial landscape.


The walls were to be constructed from recycled locally sourced stone, built using traditional techniques, selected to blend with the surrounding landscape. When viewed from within, it was proposed that the walls would take on a remarkably different form; smooth and richly coloured, that had the possibility of glowing, jewel like against the Yorkshire sky.


This simple refined concept was designed to accompany the proposed building forms by Will Alsop.


Exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Show 1997.



  • Winner of the prestigious AJ/Bovis Design award for that year


Client: The Earth Centre

Architect: Alsop & Störmer

Coe Design