Pilgrims Pre-Preparatory School

Bedfordshire, UK

A competition-winning scheme, with Hampshire County Council’s Architects’ Department and Sir Colin Stansfield-Smith.


The landscape design for this new nursery and infants’ school includes courtyards, gardens and playgrounds. The gardens are designed to relate to the curriculum including geology, culinary and winter gardens and habitat spaces for sciences including a wildflower meadow and water garden.


An internal atrium space with pools is planted with tree ferns to assist regulation of the microclimate, providing a comfortable, flexible space for performance, music lessons and small group tuition.


Consultation provided direct input to detailing, both in the interior design and exterior, including the entrance gate which welcomes pupils to the site.



  • Consultation providing direct input to detailing.
  • Internal landscaped atrium for natural ventilation, daylight and climate control.
  • Pool and tree ferns assist the atrium micro-climate used for performance, music lessons and small group tuition.
  • Gardens related to the curriculum – geology and culinary.
  • Wildflower meadow and water habitats.


Client: Harpur Trust

Architect: Hampshire County Council Architect’s Department and Sir Colin Stansfield-Smith

Coe Design