Qasr al-Hosn Cultural Project

Abu Dhabi, UAE

The Qasr al-Hosn Cultural Quarter development will provide a new core of cultural facilities in the city centre that enables residents of the city and the rest of the world to experience, learn and celebrate the richness of Emirati culture and the cultural diversity of the Abu Dhabi community at large.


QAHCQ will showcase regional and international events and act as a hub for cultural activities within the UAE and the wider region.


The project sets a precedent for design within the city of Abu Dhabi. The landscape is of high significance and will create a new landscape setting for the rehabilitated Qasr al-Hosn – the most significant memorial site in Abu Dhabi and the key focus for the project.


The hard landscape will make reference to forms from the Emirati natural landscape. The planting design will utilise native and indigenous plants important within desert life and from the arid landscapes of the UAE.


Client: Confidential

Architect: Austin-Smith:Lord

Coe Design