Chiva Som Spa

Khao Kho, Thailand

The masterplanning and design for Chiva-Som International’s second spa in Thailand near Petchaboon. The 150 hectare estate for the spa and public park are located in a stunning landscape of hills and river valley in the de-forested Khao Kho region.


The hills are being extensively replanted with trees indigenous to the area and a series of lakes are being created along the base of the valley in which the spa is spectacularly sited. The steep hills surrounding the complex include rock formations and natural drainage courses. The environment of the valley is being restored to enhance and support diverse habitats, from open fresh water to forest. A system of natural trails for walking and cycling are being created around the spa.


In the process of designing the individual spaces for guest accommodation, informal outdoor dining spaces, terraces, walkways and roof terraces, we have drawn inspiration from the Lama tradition of this area of northern Thailand.


Client: Chiva-Som International

Architect: Syntax

Coe Design