Temporary Visitor Centre

Abu Dhabi

A temporary visitor centre housing a cultural exhibition and offices, located on the site of Qasr al-Hosn – the most significant memorial site in Abu Dhabi and the key focus for the project.


The ground level landscape includes the ‘Tilted Garden’ and the ‘Desert Garden’. The design of these dry gardens is derived from UAE arid landscape forms and the use of indigenous plants is designed to provide a sustainable and interpretive experience of the Emirati landscape.


The gardens at roof level include private office gardens, Majilis Garden and Courtyard Gardens. The individual gardens are designed as calming spaces and as foreground setting for important views to the historic fort. Intricate details adorn the courtyards in the form of engraved stone and ornamental copper and ceramic plant containers. These embellishments are derived from patterns and textures which have references to Emirati culture and traditions.


Client: Confidential

Architect: Austin-Smith:Lord

Coe Design