Adler Hall

Riga, Latvia

The master planning and landscape design for an estate in Jurmala, near Riga, Latvia, set on the Gulf of Riga . The estate is set on dunes with mature pine forest; the design is sensitive to the ecology which is locally significant. The interventions are made with a light touch, with sculpture from the client’s collection located within the woodland setting.


The construction of the new house and its landscape is lavish with a formal garden, courtyard, sculptural walls and sculpture garden. This unique opportunity to create a new form for the classic European estate comes from a modern interpretation of traditional techniques.


The new summer beach house is closely associated with its garden, with many of the client’s interests reflected in themes and motifs in both garden and house. The driveway is paved with black and white granite setts sourced from Prague, to our design. A sculptural oval wall encloses the entrance courtyard to the house. The wall is constructed from Ural stone and render painted to our interpretation of local decorative traditions.


Client: Private

Architect: Syntax

Coe Design