Menhuin Hall

Surrey, UK

Set within an existing mature country estate landscape the RIBA awarding winning concert hall building, designed by Burrell Foley Fischer LLP is part of the renowned Yehudi Menuhin School, a Centre of Excellence for the Performing Arts.


The school offers specialist piano and string tuition for pupils aged between eight and eighteen. The new hall provides facility with a world class acoustic quality for the musically gifted pupils to practice, rehearse and perform. Pupils at the school are funded by the Department for Children, Schools and Families.


Coe Design’s modern landscape complements the architecture and connects the hall with its setting, offering a transition between the performance spill out terrace and the estate.


The design utilises the contours of the site to present undulating grassed rolling banks which give the appearance of the hall being on a promontory. This dynamic is further enhanced by the ‘floating’ decks for public access during concerts, giving views across the estate. The strategy to enhance the historic landscape setting includes reinstating estate and landmark trees.



  • Circulation routes set within the contours of the estate
  • Enhancing the historic setting with the replacement of estate and landmark trees
  • Retention of soil on site



RIBA Award 2006

British Construction Industry Award (BCIA), 2006

Civic Trust Commendation, 2008


Client: The Yehudi Menhuin School

Architect: Burrell Foley Fischer LLP

Coe Design