Fulham Island

London, UK

A ‘secret’ garden to perfectly complement modern city living. The development on an island site in Fulham, West London is a mix of new and existing housing, office, retail space and restaurants. The elevated garden provides a communal space for the residents and office workers.


The roof terrace design is embedded within our concept of a Californian dry garden which complements the architects approach to the architecture. The garden is planted with Palms, Yuccas, Cordylines and Agaves, which ‘float’ in raised ‘islands’ on pale coloured paving to reflect light. Coloured stainless steel and ceramic tiles enrich the otherwise limited palette. Fountain jets set on a curve add a refreshing strand of water and energises the space with the play of light and sound.


Evening Standard Lifestyles Award, 2003

Civic Trust Commendation, 2004

National Home Builder, 2004


Client: Manhattan Lofts Corporation

Architect: CZWG

Coe Design