Fitzrovia Apartments

London, UK

Our design for a large central courtyard complements the luxury apartments in the heart of Fitzrovia. This space is core to the development and required a layering of design solutions to establish the view of the courtyard from the building entrance foyer and to provide garden views from the surrounding apartments.


The design uses the space as a ‘picture frame’ with landscape elements, such as an entrance pool, contrasting paving bands, curved seat walls, and textural planting beds to form an abstract composition.


A lush green wall encloses the space and provides a setting for a bold relief sculpture, which is illuminated at night. In the foreground, an infinity pool with a fine sheet of overflowing water and an inlay of translucent yellow ceramic tiles creates a vibrant glow at night and during the day, a glistening shimmer.


CGI image courtesy of Architecture In Motion.


Client: Manhattan Lofts Corporation

Architect: HOK International

Coe Design